iPhone Sensors Test If Your Food Really Is Organic

Plenty of iPhone apps exist to help you stay healthy. One more to add to your list this year is Lapka Personal Environment Monitor. Lapka consists of 4 small devices that connect to your iPhone.

Once the Lapka app is downloaded, attach a device and measure:

  • Organicity of food and water: Includes a probe to look for significant nitrates, caused by residue of synthetic fertilizer, indication of a non organic source.
  • Humidity: Temperature and relative humidity to exist in the optimum climate.
  • Radiation: Each particle is counted to help you understand how it may impact you.
  • EMF/Electromagnetic field: Electronics, telecommunication devices and power lines can create adverse effects.

Lapka is more than just a measuring device however. It analyzes data received with both your personal history and with average target values of each environment. You can also collect snapshots of your data through the day to create your own comfort diary.

(Source: Fast Company)

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