Able Planet Personal Sound AMP 2500

Device pictured is approximately 10 times the actual size.
(Photo: Claire Benoist via Popular Science)

New personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) are now smaller, hipper and less expensive than before. These devices are also being used by those with normal hearing to hear better in noisy environments. The Personal Sound AMP 2500 by Able Planet, a company that aims to provide “better sound quality and clarity for people with All Levels of Hearing,” is an over-the-counter solution for hearing problems. The tiny device, which has been featured in Popular Science magazine, uses Linx Audio technology to amplify voices, dampen unwanted background noise, and then channel the sound into the ear canal. Sitting inside the ear, the device is almost invisible and users simply adjust settings by tapping discreetly on their earpiece when the sound environment changes.

(Source: Able Planet)

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