Eclipse™ Soft Tissue Anchor

MedShape won FDA approval for its Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor, a device for securing tendon, ligament or soft tissue to bone. Made of MedShape’s own PEEK (polyether ether ketone) Altera shape memory material, the Eclipse doesn’t require rotation to place the implant. This overcomes some of the downsides of using traditional screws and other devices for attaching softer tissue to bone. The device works through a disposable gun which is compatible with both arthroscopic and mini-open procedures.

Using PEEK Altera’s shape memory features, the Eclipse anchor can be compressed into a compact temporary form to facilitate easy insertion into a target surgical site and later expanded into its final functional geometry for fixation without loss of mechanical integrity. The PEEK Altera material is biocompatible, biostable, radiolucent and MRI safe.

(Source: MedShape)

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