Cancer Patient Gets a New 3D Printed Face

For four years, Eric Moger, a cancer patient had to live with most of the left side of his face missing. Though cancer-free after surgery, Moger had been permanently disfigured from the operation to remove a tennis ball sized tumor from behind his nose and left eye. After undergoing numerous unsuccessful reconstruction surgeries, Moger finally connected with Andrew Dawood. Dawood used a digital scanner and software to design a prosthetic mask fitted to Moger’s face. Once the design was complete, a 3D printer was used to build a mold, which was later filled with silicone. The prosthetic face was then attached using a scaffold housed inside the cavity of Moger’s face and included a mouth implant to allow for normal eating and drinking. The above video documents Moger’s journey.

* Please be advised that the video includes graphic scenes.

(Source: 3D Printer World)

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