Angel: The First Open Sensor for Health & Fitness

Angel Sensor, a medical sensor start up, is developing a wristband that can be angelsensorworn 24/7, and measures such aspects of health as activity, vital signs, calorie management, sleep monitoring, and personalized data representation in the form of smartphone/cloud management. The information gathered by the device can also be accessed on the web, not just on the phone, and if a life-threatening assessment is gauged by the device, the user’s physician can be notified.

What makes Angel Sensor’s wristband remarkable is its open-development platform, allowing any user to specifically tailor the wristband to fulfill individual needs, breaking the traditional mold of a one-size-fits-all-app approach. When this company’s wristband hits the market, it will be the first ‘open sensor’ for health and fitness of its kind, giving it great potential to be a useful health monitoring tool for health-conscious consumers.

(Source: Indiegogo)

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