Fujifilm‘s AMULET 3D

Fujifilm‘s AMULET is the first 3D mammogram device that is based on stereoscopic imaging.

FujiFilm 3D Viewer

By taking two high resolution (X-ray) images at 0 degree and 4 degree angles, and combining them into one image, mimicking the stereoscopic vision of the human eyes, thus enabling accurate depth perception.

Early detection screening is an important tool in limiting the number of deaths from the disease, however traditional 2D mammograms do not allow any level of depth perception for physicians that need to locate a tumor or micro-calcification cluster. Unlike other parts of the body where tumors may occur, breasts do not contain any bones or other prominent markers that can be used to pinpoint the relative location of the growth.

Hopefully this technology will significantly increase tumor detection efficiency, and help physicians and patients get the most out of each screening.

(Source: Fujifilm)

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