Mimo Baby Monitor

Mimo baby monitorA Boston start-up has developed a wearable baby monitor which will be available to the public in January 2014. The device, known as the Mimo, has three parts: the Kimono, the Turtle and the Lilypad. The Kimono is a washable, wearable onesie with washable sensor. The Turtle attaches to the Kimono, and measures the child’s skin temperature, respiration, sleep position and activity levels. The Turtle then wirelessly transmits the information to the Lilypad station via low-frequency Bluetooth.The Lilypad station can be synced with parents’ smart phones so they can receive alerts if the child’s temperature gets too high or if they stop breathing during the night.

The Mimo will retail for $199, be available in stores nationwide, and will include 3 Kimonos, 1 Turtle and 1 Lilypad.


(Source: Medgadget)

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