The Liver Viewer 3D App

Liver surgeries are some of the most complex and high risk medical procedures. Because the liver receives 1.5 liters of blood every minute, any mistakes made during surgery could have dire consequences. Traditionally, surgeons were required to prepare extensively and the procedures would go on for hours. To help ease some of the cost and time of these surgeries, Dr. Itaru Endo of Yokohama City University teamed up with Fraunhofer MEVIS to develop an iPad app which could be used during surgery.

The Liver Viewer 3D app, as it is known, combines patient information taken via CT scan before the surgery with augmented reality which can be used during the procedure. The app allows surgeons a view of blood vessels and blood flow which could never before have been seen during surgeries, minimizing the room for error. Dr. Endo estimates that the app will help save the university over $5 million and help to simplify procedures for surgeons.

(Sources: Apple ; Medgadget )

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