The NeuroPace RNS Stimulator

The FDA has approved NeuroPace’s RNS System, a surgically implanted device that will monitor and help prevent Epileptic seizures. The RNS device monitors the brain’s electrical activity and autonomously sends electrical stimulation when irregularities are detected. The device is the first FDA-approved brain implant for epilepsy and the first implant of any kind that is responsive to brain activity. It is hoped that this device will help roughly 400,000 patients with epilepsy that do not respond to drug therapy. The makers do note that although the RNS System helps mitigate symptoms, it does not cure or completely eliminate epileptic seizures. Additionally, the FDA has sited infections from brain surgery as one of the most frequent adverse effects of the RNS Stimulator. Patients that have had the stimulator implanted, however, do note a reduction of at least half the seizures drastically improving the quality of their lives.

(Source: NeuroPace)

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