Silk-Coated Nanodiamonds to Aid in the Delivery of Medicine

nanodiamonds-and-silk-combo-290x290For medical researchers, nanodiamonds have been a topic of interest for quite some time because of their unique ability to track individual cell activity and deliver targeted medicines to specific cells. While nanodiamonds used for these purposes have been intentionally made imperfect because it increases their capability to reflect light and deliver information, the rough edges of the nanodiamonds can become stuck in the cell membranes. Researchers at the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and Tufts University have collaborated to develop a silk coating for nanodiamonds which allows them to move smoothly through cells without damaging the membrane and still allowing light to pass through the nanodiamonds. Researchers hope that these silk coatings will one day serve as a pouch allowing for the long-term, targeted drug delivery.

(Source: Medgadget )


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