X-Stat to Help Patients Stop Hemorrhaghing in Seconds

xstat2The X-Stat wound, developed by RevMedX can help to save gunshot wound victims in about 15 seconds. The human body only houses about 5 liters of blood at a time. Gunshot wound victims are particularly susceptible to death following their injury because they can hemorrhage and bleed out shortly thereafter. Traditionally, gunshot wounds are treated by packing the wound with gauze and then wrapping it tightly, however this is very painful and does not always stop the bleeding in time. However, the X-Stat wound offers a solution which can help patients within seconds of their injury. It is comprised of small wood pulp sponges which are both sterile and absorbent. The patient is squirted with thesponges which help to pack the wound and stop the bleeding, then the patient is taken to surgery. The sponges are marked with an “X” so they would show up on any x-rays and doctors would be sure not to leave any inside of the patient.

The X-Stat costs around $100, but developers hope that the price will go down as the demand goes up. As of now, the device is being used not only for hemorrhaging caused by gunshot wounds, but also in childbirth, where hemorrhaging is the leading cause of death for new mothers. The multiple uses for the X-Stat have led to it receiving funding from various government agencies, and private funds such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

(Source: IFLScience )

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