Hexoskin: Washable, Durable, Wearable Fitness Tech

Following the rising trend of wearable fitness technology, Canada-based Hexoskin has developed what they promise to be a high performance smart fitness garment. The garments are washable and made of sturdy material, they are comfortable and can be worn under protective gear such as those used by fighters, hockey players and skiers. The garments also keep track of vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels, as well as calories burnt. The garments can also be worn during sleep to monitor sleep levels. The data collected by the Hexoskin can be fed into a computer using a USB port, or synced to a smart phone or tablet using an app.

Hexoskin is currently being used primarily with high-performance athletes, but developers are hoping to make the product available to the general public.

(Source: Hexoskin)

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