Headband to Prevent Migraines

cefalyThe FDA has given approval to the Cefaly headband, the first transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device. The Cefaly is worn over the ears and across the forehead, similar to a plastic headband. The device then delivers electrical stimulation to the wearer, helping to prevent migraines before they begin. The developers of the Cefaly believe that this device will be an asset to users who cannot tolerate current migraine medications.

In a Belgian study, 67 users who experienced 2 or more migraines a month and had not been medicated for their condition for three months prior to the study were instructed to use the Cefaly for 20 minutes a day for the course of a month. While the device did not eliminate headaches completely, it did minimize the number of “headache days” the users experienced each month. In the 2,313 wearers of Cefaly in France and Belgium were given a patient satisfaction survey and 53% gave the device their approval.

(Source: Yahoo)

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