Prep Pad Allows for More Accurate Nutrition Measurements

Countertop-and-Prep-Pad-Pre-Release-2As the health movement continues to grow, the practice of weighing food and keeping track of calories and nutrients has moved beyond the realm of body builders and physical trainers and into the average person’s home. However, traditional calorie tracking can be difficult because of differences in exact portion sizes, and scales don’t give exact nutrient information, though they do give an accurate measure of portion size. The Prep Pad, a food scale with an accompanying app, helps to limit both of these pitfalls. Food is placed on the scale to get the exact measurement, in addition, users type which food it is into the app, and nutrition information is given for the particularly food and its portion.

The Prep Pad is available for retail at Williams-Sonoma and costs $149.95

(Source: The New York Times)

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