CareFusion ClipVac to Keep Operating Rooms Cleaner

CareFusion-shaving-attachmentVery often, prepping a patient for surgery involves shaving the patient at the incision site. However, the shaving does not occur until the moments right before the surgery and stray hairs can often fly around the operating room. This leads to stray hairs getting into the body of the patient, causing preventable complications. Enter CareFusion’s ClipVac.

The ClipVac borrows technology that is used in barbershops and hair salons, where a vacuum built into the walls allows for swept-up hair to be collected neatly. The ClipVac is a little vacuum that attaches to the CareFusion clippers, collecting stray hairs as it shaves an area. The ClipVac collects 98.5% of hair that is being clipped, which would result in significantly cleaner operating rooms.

(Source: medGadget)

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