Nano-Robots Installed in Cockroaches

dnaScientists at the Bar Ilan University in Israel have developed a DNA-based nanobot which was successfully inserted into a live cockroach. The DNA nanobots were equipped with fluorescent markers that allowed researchers to monitor where in the cockroach’s body the robot was. The nanobots, despite being inside of the cockroach’s body were able to carry out logical operations, for instance, releasing molecules into the body.

The research team is hopeful about the future of these nanobots in treating and diagnosing diseases. The nanobots could potentially release targeted medication to cells during treatments. As of now, the nanobots have not been tested on mammals, because it is uncertain how their much more complex immune systems will react to the presence of the nanobot. However, researchers are  hopeful that within the next five years, these DNA nanobots will be ready for human trials.

(Source: Popular Science)

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