Brigham Young University Students Develop $500 Infant Ventilator

cheap-ventilatorIn the first world, the ventilators used by hospitals to assist premature babies and newborns with respiratory trouble are taken for granted. However, these mechanical ventilators cost upwards of $40,000 and are rarely accessible in the developing world. This results in over one million preventable infant deaths each year. A group of students working on a capstone project for Brigham Young University might have found a solution by developing an affordable, portable, mechanical ventilator. The ventilator is small, which allows it to be taken to remote areas, while still delivering oxygen as efficiently as a hospital-grade machine.

The doctors overseeing the project believe that with proper testing, the device will be ready for widespread use in a matter of months. The target regions include the Philippines and parts of Africa, where home births are more common.

(Source: Brigham Young University )

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