FingerReader Gives Blind More Options

fingerreaderFor the blind, reading is a limited venture. According to a 2011 study, only 7% of all books written are available in large print, audio or braille. In addition, written information on screens is almost impossible for the blind to read. However, researchers at MIT have developed a prototype that may one day solve the limitations of trying to read for the visually impaired; the FingerReader. The device fits onto the wearer’s finger, then the wearer points the device towards text, where a robotic voice reads out the text. Vibrations indicate the start and end of printed lines and if the wearer’s finger deviates from the line they are currently on, the FingerReader provides helpful guidelines to the wearer. In addition, the FingerReader can read text off of a screen.

There are obvious limitations, such as how the blind person would know in which direction to point the FingerReader in order to read text. However, the device is still in its developmental stages, and whether or not it will be available for consumer use is still unknown.

(Source: Yahoo Tech)

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