Smart Cushion Aims to Improve Overall Health

In the past year, health and fitness trackers have grown exponentially in popularity. These trackers measure vital signs such as heart rate, respiration and calories burnt, as well as allow you to track the foods you eat and your macro and micro nutrients. However, for the millions of people who lead relatively inactive lifestyles, fitness trackers might seem excessive. A start-up company known as Darma is aiming to improve the health of even the most sedentary people by developing the Darma Smart Cushion. The target customers are those with desk jobs who spend the larger part of the day sitting. The cushion measures vital signs such as heart rate, stress levels and respiration. The cushion communicates with the accompanying iOS app via Bluetooth, allowing the user to receive alerts if they are slouching reminding them to straighten their posture. In addition, the app encourages you to stretch after you have been sitting for long periods and when stress levels become elevated, it sends an alert encouraging a five minute meditation.

The company is gathering funds through Kickstarter and while their planned retail price is $249, the company is offering the cushion for only $149 to customers who also donate to the Kickstarter campaign. To learn more about the Darma Smart Cushion, click and watch the video above.

(Source: Engadget)

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