Cue Launches Lab-in-a-Box for Home

cue-and-cartridges-above-viewDuring the Swine Flu outbreak of 2009, the founders of Cue launched an at-home testing device which allowed users to test for the illness in  their homes. They noticed that people found the at-home tests more accurate, affordable and convenient than visiting the doctor and waiting for lab results. Following their initial success, the developers of Cue are now expanding their device to be capable of conducting other popular diagnostic tests, such as those for fertility and vitamin deficiency.

The new Cue is what the developers consider a, “deep health tracker.” The device syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to an app which analyzes the data collected by the device (via blood or saliva). The ideal is that a person would be able to monitor their fertility and time when would be best to try and get pregnant, or be able to determine whether a new diet or exercise routine is beneficial to their health– all without having to wait in line at an emergency room or doctor’s office. In addition to being convenient, the Cue uses an automated analysis system which reduces much of the human error that can occur in traditional lab tests. In trials, the Cue was found to be as accurate as traditional lab tests, and at times even more accurate.

The device is not set to release until the first half of 2015 and will retail for $300, though pre-orders are now offered at $199.

(Source: Tech Crunch)

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