A Wearable Sensor Will Tell When You’re Dehydrated

smartwatch_almurrayDehydration is a dangerous condition which can result in nausea, light-headedness, heat stroke, and in some cases, death. However, the condition is also very preventable. Sandia National Laboratories is trying to make it simpler for people to notice their dehydration with a wearable monitor. The monitor, which looks like a watch, has microneedles on the underside which attach to the skin. From there, the device measures the water between cells. When the sensor detects that your hydration levels are below a safe limit, it will alert you to have a beverage.

The technology has real-world applications for athletes and the military personnel who run the greatest risk of dehydration. However, Sandia National Laboratories is also looking to market the product to patients in hospitals and for the health-conscious general public who like wearable monitors.

(Source: engadget)

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