HealthPatch MD Earns FDA Clearance

HealthPatch-MDA San Jose, California-based company, Vital Connection, has received FDA clearance for its HealthPatch MD device. The device, which features a disposable patch and reusable sensor that connects to another device via Bluetooth, is programmed to keep track of patient vital signs. The HealthPatch MD is worn across the chest and monitors with one lead ECG, keeps track of heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, and respiratory rate. The device is also equipped with an accelerometer to measure the angle of the wearer’s body to determine if there has been a fall.

The HealthPatch MD, which is ideal to monitor elderly patients who are often alone, can be worn from 48-72 and is attached using either a silicone or hydrocolloid adhesive, depending on the user’s activity level. The device is already available in Europe.

(Source: medGadget)

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