UK’s DermaPure Now Available In the US

dermapureUK-based company Tissue Regenix is now bringing its DermaPure product stateside. The product is made from human skin derived from donors. The DNA from the skin has been washed out, allowing for a natural scaffold on which a patient’s own skin cells can begin to grow again after being placed on a wound. So far, DermaPure has shown complete healing after one treatment in 60% of patients who have had minimal response to other treatments. In addition, patients with chronic and persistent wounds (larger than 13 square centimeters and lasting for more than 4 years) have seen an 87% improvement.

While DermaPure has shown success in treatment, it also provides a wide usage availability. The product does not have to be refrigerated during storage or rehydrated before application, making it ideal for clinics in remote locations.

(Source: medGadget)

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