Nestle to Create a Kitchen Appliance for Customizing Vitamins

vitaminsThe use of multivitamins has come under fire by the medical community in the past year. The controversy stems from the belief that for many people, a supplemental vitamin is unnecessary as most people get adequate nutrition from their diet alone. Additionally, vitamins and herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so their purity is questionable. Now, Nestle’s Institute of Health wants to improve the vitamin industry by developing a kitchen appliance which would deliver a personalized regiment to suit the user’s needs.

The product is still in design phases, however the device would likely look like the brand’s Nespresso machines and customize the supplement (in either powder or capsule form) by having the user input their nutrient profile. Skeptics worry that the cost of a nutrient profile (anywhere from $50-$1000 for a full profile) will turn users off from the product, while others worry about the accuracy of such a device. However, if the appliance works as intended, it could be an attractive purchase for many members of the health-conscious community.

(Source: engadget)

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