Sri Lankan Newspaper May Protect Against Dengue

paperGlobally, there are 50-100 million Dengue fever infections each year. The disease is carried by mosquitoes that bite both early in the day and in the evening, and the mosquitoes that carry the virus are able to flourish in urban environments, making them increasingly dangerous. Though few people actually die from the Dengue fever, especially after seeking immediate medical help, the fever causes severe pain and can disable the infected for long periods of time. To help prevent stings from Dengue-carrying mosquitoes, a newspaper in Sri Lanka has begun printing their newspapers with citronella-infused ink to help repel mosquitoes. On its first day of sales, the news company, Mawbina, saw a 30% increase in sales. There is no word yet on how effective the newspapers were at repelling insects, but the venture shows promise, particularly in warmer climates.

(Source: IFLScience)

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