SNAP Receives FDA Clearance for Neurosurgical Purposes

SURGICAL-NAVIGATION-ADVANCED-PLATFORMSurgical Navigation Advanced Program (SNAP) has become an asset to many surgeons in recent years. The system allows for 3D, real-time visualization of patient’s bodies with the combined use of CT and MRI scans. In addition, SNAP allows surgeons to preview a patient’s body before any procedures and plan for where incisions can be made to minimize the margin of error during procedures.

Now, the SNAP system has been approved by the FDA for use during neurosurgery, and so far doctors have found the system to be quite helpful as it allows them to pause navigation during surgeries and rotate images to ensure that tumors have been removed completely and no healthy matter has been damaged. While SNAP is being used for surgeries, medical schools are also considering the system for training students in surgery.

(Source: medGadget)

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