The Future of Contraceptives Could Lay in a Chip

microchipsBorrowing from a technology that is currently being used to replace daily injections for osteoporosis patients, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is funding the development of a long-term contraceptive that would be controlled by a smart phone. The device would likely be an injectable chip just 1.5cm in size, containing the contraceptive levonogestrel. If the device is successful, it could prevent pregnancy for up to 16 years (longer than the currently longest-lasting contraceptive, and IUD, which lasts up to 12 years).

The contraceptive chip, which shows greatest promise for use in third world countries where there are very few family-planning options, is still in the experimental stage. Developers are trying to be certain that the device will only be able to be controlled by the user before submitting it for FDA approval.

(Source: Engadget)

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