Kosmo Begins Indiegogo Campaign to Launch Connected E-Cig

kosmo-ecigaretteAccording to studies, roughly 71% of people who begin using e-cigarettes do so because they believe it will help them kick the smoking habit altogether. However, because of the ease e-cigarettes offer (by allowing users to vape where smoking was previous prohibited such as restaurants and movie theaters) and variable nicotine amounts in each electronic cigarettes, many users often end up smoking more than they did before. Now, start-up company Kosmo is aiming to help those trying to use e-cigarettes as a quitting tool with the creation of an e-cig that comes with an accompanying app.

The app offers users instant feedback (data is transmitted to smartphones through bluetooth each time users take a pull). The app then tracks and charts how often the cigarettes are used, giving users a visual tool. In addition, users can program the app with a cessation program that coaches them by providing users with a daily cap of pulls, lowering the amount of allotted pulls over time.

Kosmo is still conducting its Indiegogo campaign and hopes to use the funds to begin manufacturing and marketing the product soon.

(Source: medGadget)

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