Jerry the Bear Teaches Children How to Monitor Their Diabetes

Children with diabetes often have the task of maturing more quickly than their healthier contemporaries because they are forced to take control of their health from an early age. These children have to monitor the foods they eat, give themselves daily blood tests to measure blood glucose levels and, in some cases, they must also administer daily insulin injections. As a result, most childhood diabetics are more attentive to their personal healthcare than many adults.

Still, for many children with diabetes, the tasks necessary to take care of themselves can seem cumbersome. To help teach children about the importance of managing their diabetes, a company known as Sproutel has developed Jerry, a teddy bear with diabetes. Children can measure Jerry’s blood sugar (by pressing on his paws) as well as give him meals and snacks (in the form of cards that are swiped over Jerry’s mouth) and see how the foods he eats affect his blood glucose levels. For more information on Jerry the bear, watch the video above.

(Source: medGadget)

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