InteraXon’s Muse May Help to Manage Stress and Anxiety

museheadsetToronto start-up, InteraXon, has developed what will be a, “FitBit for the brain.” The company, which has been experimenting with the use of brain-wave technologies since its inception in 2007, says their new Muse device will allow users to measure their brain activity in the same way people now measure caloric intake and steps taken throughout the day. The Muse is a thin, white headset that can be worn comfortably across the forehead. The device measures brain waves in the same way an EEG would, and wirelessly transfers the data collected to a smartphone or tablet, where the information is synced with an app known as Calm.

The goal is that the device will be used daily. The accompanying Calm app utilizes information gathered by the Muse headset to allow users to visually track their stress management. Additionally, the app is equipped with several coaching programs which help users develop controlled, focused thinking, teaches users to meditate, and will also help users to control stress and anxiety. The developers see a wide range of uses for the Muse headset and Calm app, and even envision the product being used to help children with hyperactivity and attention disorders, as well as aiding those in high-stress jobs by sending alerts to employers if a user is showing signs of mental fatigue.

(Source: Popular Science)

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