This Fitness Tracker is Shocking

fitness trackerNew company, Pavlok has developed a fitness tracker that aims to go beyond measuring calories burnt and sleep cycles, and goes as far as helping to motivate wearers to workout with light shocks. The device, which debuts in 2015 and will retail for between $149 and $229, delivers a small, 340 volt shock to the wearer when they skip workouts.

The Pavlok developers insist that the shocks do not hurt, but the sensation works to train the brain to recognize when it is time to workout. Users program their goals (for instance, to workout for 30 minutes 5 days a week), and if they meet these goals they are rewarded with gift cards or money, but repeatedly missing workouts means the wearer has to pay money to another Pavlok user. Pavlok developers hope this new tracker will help to motivate users in a way that no other fitness tracker on the market currently does.

(Source: Yahoo Tech)

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