New Device Could Detect if Drinks Have Been Drugged

PDIDFrom a young age, many women receive the conventional wisdom to never take a drink from a stranger at a bar to avoid being drugged. However, this cardinal rule becomes fudged in situations where an element of trust is implied, for instance, at parties or on a date. Now, IT tech David Wilson wants to give women the power to verify if their drinks are safe with the development of the; a device that can be slipped into a drink and will detect any foreign substances. The will flash green if the drink is safe or blink red if the user should think twice before drinking.

Wilson likens the device to the Shazaam app which allows users to garner information on a song simply by playing a few bars; the gathers information about a beverage after it is dipped into the drink. However, Wilson cautions, like the Shazaam app, the is subject to error. In the same way Shazaam cannot filter out just the song in a noisy environment, substances such as dish soap may be present in the glass, which could cause the to flash red. Still, the device could serve as a warning system and potentially prevent instances of rape and abuse when used.

The is still in its developmental stages and creator, Wilson, is raising funds via Indiegogo to manufacture the product on a large scale. $12,000 of the $100,000 goal has currently been collected.

(Source: Huffington Post)

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