CSIRO Develops HeatWave3D Thermal Scanner

Australian company CSIRO has developed a 3D scanner that makes use of thermal imaging to help spot signs of various diseases. Although thermal imaging has a great deal of potential uses in medicine such as detecting diseases that cause fevers and inflammation, the technology has not yet gained a great deal of popularity because it can be quite difficult to use. Traditional 2D thermal devices require images to be taken from the exact same angle each time a patient comes for a checkup. However, CSIRO’s device, the HeatWave is handheld and can be moved around the patient, all the while creating a 3D heat map on a screen that is synchronized to the device.

CSIRO hopes that this technology will potentially help to spot tumors that cause breast or skin cancer, detect fevers, and help in epidemic quarantine scenarios. To get a preview of how the HeatWave device works, click on the video above.

(Source: medGadget)

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