Xenex’s “Saul” Robot a Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Ebola

xenex-robotThe United States Air Force’s Langley Hospital has obtained a robot which has the potential to fight viruses, including the Ebola virus. The Xenex robot –nicknamed Saul– stands at only five feet two inches, and vaguely resembles Star Wars’ R2D2, however, the tiny robot has the power to disinfect an entire room in minutes, removing all present bacteria, viruses and fungi from surface areas. After a room that has been exposed to a virus is cleared, the Saul robot is sent in to disinfect. While hospital staff is required to sterilize rooms after every patient, there are still bacteria and viruses that can be left behind. The Saul Xenex is used as an extra safety measure by blasting the room with high-energy ultraviolet rays 25,000 times brighter than standard fluorescent light bulbs. Xenex Healthcare Services Implementation Manager, Geri Genalt says that within five minutes of use, Saul can destroy Ebola-like viruses with up to 99.9 percent accuracy and hospitals which have implemented the use of Saul have seen a 60% drop in infection rates.

(Source: Xenex)

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