PEEK Clip-On Could Help Diagnosis Conditions Which Cause Blindness

peek-smartphoneRecent studies have shown that in developing countries, 4 out 5 people who go blind do so as a result of conditions which are preventable or curable. While many conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts can be diagnosed and treated in an ophthalmologist’s office, in remote countries, many of the sight-saving equipment common in the United States and Europe (such as a fundus camera) can be prohibitively expensive and difficult to transport.

Now, a start-up company is developing the Portable Eye Exam Kit (PEEK), which includes a smartphone app and a clip-on attachment for smartphones that supplants both an opthalmoscope and a retina camera. It provides a lens through which the smartphone’s own camera can be used to take a high quality, close-up picture of the retina. No special training is needed to use the PEEK, and images can be sent via smartphone to trained specialist eye doctors anywhere in the world. PEEK will be collecting funds for the device through January 2015, and they are currently working with Doctors Without Borders as well as the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness to determine which regions would benefit from the device the most.

(Source: Popular Science)

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