Gel That Instantly Clots Bleeding

Joe Landolina has created a medical gel which can instantly stop traumatic bleeding without applying any pressure. Inspired by soldiers on battlefields who have under five minutes after suffering an arterial wound before they bleed out, Landolina aspired to develop a product which could not only halt bleeding, but could do so quickly and efficiently. Derived from plant polymers, Landolina’s wound-healing gel not only stops bleeding upon contact, but the polymers also mimic the extracellular matrix of whatever tissue they are applied to, making for a more complete healing process. The gel will be available for veterinarians beginning in January of 2015, but Landolina hopes to market the product to doctors later in 2015, as well as making it available to soldiers in self-application packets. For more information, watch the video above.

(Source: TED)

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