BioDigital App Offers Hand-Held 3D Anatomy and Physiology Models

digestion app3D modeling of cadavers has become increasingly commonplace in medical schools and training hospitals because of the convenience it offers. Schools and hospitals no longer have to wait to obtain cadavers from the morgue, there is no time limit on a 3D model because it cannot begin to rot and smell, and finally, students are able to make multiple incisions in a way they could not with a human cadaver. While some 3D anatomy and physiology models (such as the Anatomage Table we featured on our website) offer state-of-the-art technology, they can also be quite large and prohibitively expensive. Now, the BioDigital Human app aims to make 3D modeling affordable and available to users in a handheld format.

The app, which will be available for both iOS and Android, offers several free example models. For unlimited access, users can make an in-app purchase for a subscription that will cost either $20 per year for mobile access or $50 per year for mobile and web access. Summaries of body parts and diseases associated with body parts are available alongside the 3D models. Users can also annotate models and take quizzes in Easy or Hard modes, additionally views can be changed to show only x-ray models or organ systems. Finally, there is a Community option in the app which allows users to share annotated images with others–ideal for classes.

(Source: iMedicalApps)

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