Omniprocessor Turns Sewage into Drinking Water


In many impoverished countries, clean drinking water is a luxury not available to most. Due to poor sewage systems, many people use latrines which are not properly drained, or they simply defecate in the open, which leads to water contamination. Water contamination in poor countries leads to over 700,000 deaths in children each year. To help prevent these deaths, the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation has teamed with Janicki Bioenergy, an engineering firm based in Seattle. Janicki Bioenergy has created a system known as the Omniprocessor which converts sewage into both potable water and electricity. The Omniprocessor runs at extremely high temperatures (1000 degrees Celsius) which prevents any bad smell, and uses the waste of over 100,000 people to produce up to 86,000 liters of potable water daily, as well as a net of 250 kW of energy. Later this year, the company will start its pilot project in Dakar, Senegal. For more information, and to watch Bill Gates drink sewage water that he claims is as good as any he has had from a bottle, click to watch the video above.

(Source: Gates Notes)

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