Cellscope’s Otoscope Could Simplify Treating Ear Infections at Home

otoscopeAccording to the National Institute of Health (NIH), nearly 80% of all children will have had at least one ear infection by age three and those who become infected are more likely to have more ear infections in the future. These ear infections lead millions of parents to spend countless hours in doctors offices and emergency rooms, waiting for a five-minute test and diagnosis. Now, Cellscope Oto’s clip-on otoscope is aiming to simplify the process of diagnosing and treating ear infections. The Cellscope otoscope is a clip-on attachment similar to the one used by doctors in their office. The attachment syncs with an app (currently only available for iOS, but will soon be available for all smart phones) and allows parents to submit photos and videos of their child’s potentially infected ear to doctors who study the picture and provide a diagnosis. Additionally, doctors can also send a prescription directly to the pharmacy, allowing parents to speedily treat the infection if necessary. Pre-sales for the device are already available in California, and the company is planning to roll out the device in other states as well.

(Source: ieeeSpectrum)

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