MEDi Robot Counsels Children During Vaccines and Blood Tests

Anyone who has ever had to take a child to a physical examination knows the difficulty of giving children vaccines and blood tests. Needles make children nervous and can often cause them scream, cry, or vomit in anticipation. These negative responses to doctor’s visits as a child often lead to adults who are less likely to seek medical help when necessary. Now, University of Calgary-based robotics company, RxRobots has developed a robot who can help children relax and approach their doctor’s visits and encounters with needles calmly. The robot, named MEDi, sits across from children and chats with them as they prepare for their shots. Following a successful blood test or vaccine administration, the robot congratulates the child and gives them an encouraging high-five. To watch the MEDi robot and learn more about how it helps children during doctor’s appointments, watch the video above.

(Source: ieeeSpectrum)

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