GeeksMe Fitness Tracker Measures Usual Vitals and More

Geeks meSpanish smartphone maker, Geeksphone, has announced that in the summer of 2015 they will be releasing a new fitness tracker known as GeeksMe. The fitness tracker will measure steps taken, calories burned and distance walked/run/biked during exercise. Additionally, the device features sleep monitoring, syncs with smartphones to deliver call and message notifications, and can set reminders for the wearer. The two main features that distinguish the GeeksMe fitness tracker from its counterparts are the device’s ecological footprint tracker– for the environmentally conscious– and a sex tracker.

To activate the sex tracker (which is the device’s best selling point), wearer’s will have to activate the special “lover performance” mode. From there, the device tracks the calories burned during the event, the duration, and frequency of activity. The company also promises that they are developing algorithms for “other very useful information” that users may want regarding their sexual performance. As sex is medically considered a strong component for a healthy lifestyle, Geeksphone is expecting the GeeksMe to be a big hit after its release.

(Source: Tech Crunch)

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