New Injectable Polymer Rapidly Stops Severe Bleeding

blood-clotWhile there are various materials that are used to quickly stop traumatic bleeding (for instance bleeding from a gunshot wound), researchers from the University of Washington are working on a new polymer that can not only stop severe bleeding, but will also allow the body to return to homeostasis more rapidly than other techniques. The injectable polymer, known as PolySTAT, works by fusing fibrin strands to each other and creating links between the clumps. The fibrin forms a strong web that can withstand the pressure of a heavily-bleeding wound pressing against the clot. The material is promising, and in early trials, lab rats who experienced potentially-lethal arterial bleeding had a 100% survival rate with the PolySTAT, versus a 20% survival rate in rats with the same injury who were treated with albumin.

(Source: medGadget)

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