Rhinix Prevents Seasonal Allergies by Blocking Pollen

danish-nasal-filterResearchers at Aarhaus University in Denmark have developed a device that, when inserted nasally, can prevent many of the allergy symptoms caused by pollen. The Rhinix, as it is called, features a low air resistance membrane that filters out most of the pollen particles before they’re able to slip into the nose, preventing allergic reactions from occurring at all. 65 people with seasonal allergies were chosen for a randomized trial of the product, and received either the Rhinix or a placebo nasal implant which did not block pollen. When inserted into the nose after allergy symptoms began to present themselves, those who used the Rhinix significantly reduced their symptoms. When the Rhinix was inserted prior to allergy symptoms presenting themselves, users saw a 100% reduction in symptoms compared to those with the placebo. In addition to significantly reducing seasonal allergy symptoms, the device also reduces the need for allergy medications, whose side effects most users find unfavorable.

(Source: medGadget)

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