Tablo Dialysis Receives FDA Clearance

Dialysis is a difficult but life-extending treatment for patients with renal failure. Patients receiving dialysis have to visit dialysis centers around three times a week, and each session lasts between three and five hours. Now, Outset Medical is aiming to improve the dialysis process by receiving FDA clearance for its Tablo Dialysis device. The device, known as The Tablo System, is a consumer-friendly version of the dialysis machines used in hospitals. The Tablo has many automated processes, so the system operator only has to perform half of the traditional steps. The device also has a large touchscreen with instructions and animations, making the system even easier to use.

Outset Medical hopes to expand its FDA clearance so patients and caretakers can purchase the product and use it at home, minimizing the time-consuming nature of the procedure.

(Source: medGadget)

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