Teens from the UK Develop Color-Changing Condoms

colorcondomsRecognizing the trending rise of sexually transmitted diseases and infections in the United Kingdom, a group of teenage boys has developed a luminescent condom that changes colors when it comes into contact with an STD or STI. The condom is coated with antibodies, that, when exposed to the antigens in common STD’s and STI’s would cause the condom to change color accordingly. For instance, when exposed to chlamydia, the condom turns green; if exposed to herpes, the condom turns yellow, etc. While there are still concerns about whether the condom can distinguish between STD’s carried by the wearer or their partner, or whether a person with multiple STI’s would cause the condoms to turn a rainbow shade, the product has already peaked the interest of condom companies.

The product, called the S.T. EYE was developed for the TeenTech awards in the UK where it won top honors. The boys, who hail from England’s Isaac Newton Academy, won $1500 for their work as well as a trip to meet Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace later this year.

(Source: Washington Post)

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