Dot Creates Braille Smart Watch for the Blind

dot watchAs the technological world continues its shift towards completely touchscreen devices, the blind–who rely on tactile surfaces to read–have been left behind. This becomes increasingly troublesome as more publications are creating content for digital media and there are fewer print and braille texts available for the blind. While braille e-readers are available, they are often clunky and expensive, and many users do not like the impersonal Siri text-to-voice options available on many smartphones. Now, South Korean startup company Dot has developed a braille smart watch similar to the Apple Watch.

The device’s face is equipped with four cells each with six active dots, that can raise or lower to make four braille letters at a time. It links up with Bluetooth to convert text from apps like iMessage into their braille letter equivalents through the user’s voice commands. The device can last for five days without stopping to charge.

The Dot is expected to enter the U.S. market in December of 2015 and the estimated cost will be around $300.

(Source: Popular Science)

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