Welltwigs System Helps Hopeful Parents Conceive

welltwigsA new startup is aiming to help hopeful parents conceive by tracking hormone levels and basal body temperature through an app. The product, known as the Welltwigs system, works by measuring a woman’s basal body temperature and Luteinizing hormone(LH) levels through the use of a thermometer and hormone testing module (that resembles a pregnancy test). The information is synced with an accompanying app that predicts the woman’s most fertile days, and determines when is the best time to try conceiving. The system is also able to detect Human Chorionic Gondatropin (hCG) levels, and therefore predict if a woman is already pregnant. Although the full Welltwigs system is not yet available for commercial purchase, interested users can already download the iOS app to begin tracking fertility.

(Source: medGadget)

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