Smartphone App Aids in Reducing Motion Sickness

motion sicknessFor three out of every ten people, severe motion sickness is a common occurrence. The most extreme side effects of the sickness are often characterized by cold sweats, dizziness, and severe nausea. Now, a team from Imperial College in London is working to develop a smartphone app that could minimize the symptoms of motion sickness through the simple use of a headphone jack. The user attaches small electrodes to their scalp, and the wire is plugged into the headphone jack. The app then sends tiny electrical currents to the wearer. In trials for the app, subjects were placed in a motion sickness simulators, and the results were equal to those achieved through the current motion sickness medications–without the side effect of drowsiness. The app’s developers claim the app will be available for purchase in five to ten years.

(Source: Science Times)

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