MIT Develops Hydrogel Band-Aid to Use on Joints

MIThydrogelOne of the greatest conflicts with traditional band-aids is how restrictive they can be. Specifically, a small lesion on the joints such as a cut, scrape, or graze on an elbow or knee cannot typically be covered using a traditional band-aid. The material used in band-aids does not naturally stretch with the skin and therefore offers insufficient coverage for joint areas. Now, researchers from MIT may have found a solution with a polyacrylamide hydrogel.

The hydrogel has been shown in tests to be highly biocompatible, and stuck in place even when adhered to bending joints such as the elbows or knees. Additionally, it can be used to house a variety of electrical components such as titanium wires, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and electronic chips. Researchers also hope to potentially add drug-delivering channels and reservoirs could be incorporated into the fabric of the hydrogel, which opens the door for smart wound dressings in the future.

(Source: IFL Science)


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