R70i Aging Suit Allows Users to Experience Aging

aging exosuitThis month, the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey featured an exhibit that allowed participants to experience what life is like for the average 85 year old. The exhibit includes the R70i suit which weighs an extra 40 pounds, and includes a virtual reality headset with headphones, and HD cameras. The suit interfaces with a computer to mimic many of the conditions of aging including macular degeneration, cataracts, hearing loss, and general fatigue. The suit can also cause one leg to feel heavier and more stiff to mimic the sensation of a hip replacement. Volunteers who participate in the exhibit note how difficult daily tasks (such as walking the distance of one city block) can become.

Though it only last a few moments, this technology can help wearer’s understand the struggles of the aging population. It can help family members and caretakers better empathize with the pain and discomfort of their elderly relatives, and thereby deliver better care.

(Source: Popular Science)

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